Saturday, April 19, 2008

Summer Concert

I sure love the sound of guitar in my home. It reminds me of my youth and it is such a soothing instrument to have playing constantly, not like drums or clarinet.

I have the guitar playing in my home everyday. My son holds his arms around his guitar more than he does his girlfriend and I think I secretly like that. As soon as he walks in the door from school he holds his guitar. As soon as he wakes up on the weekends, he holds his guitar. He loves his guitar and I think he knows that I love it too. Wherever I am in the home, doing laundry, cleaning the bathrooms, cooking, he finds me and plays. I am his biggest fan.

So for over a year now he has been playing songs by a band that I have really enjoyed. I have gotten to know all the lyrics to their songs and I sing while he plays. Now, some of you may be thinking, "how corny" is your kid a nerd. Maybe!

Anyway. This week my son said to me: "Mom, we have to get tickets to the concert, they are coming to Chicago in June." Am I dreaming, or did my 17 year old son just invite his mother to a concert. Yes, he did. We bought tickets this morning to see "DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE" and I can't wait. However, he will not be going with me unless he continues to take out the garbage, cut the grass and pick up his room. I am STILL his mother. Concert or no concert.

If you want to have a listen here they are:

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Jury Deliberation

So, I am asked if I would like to stay overtime in my job for a Jury Verdict. Well, Hell yes. That means that I am being paid time and a half.

A Jury went out at 4:00 p.m. and I helped pick this Jury so I know them... so to speak. Meaning that the names and faces are somewhat familiar because you sat while the Judge, the Plaintiff's attorney,,, and the Defense Attorney,,, questioned them to no end.......and then you went into Judge's Chambers and the Attorney's decided who they liked and who they didn't. That gave me a face,,, with a name ,,,,with a reason. Anyway...............

I sat.... and sat..... and finally at 7:45 the Bailiff calls me and says: They have the verdict. That is my que to run up to the courtroom and sit in my seat and we all stand and invite the Jury back into the room to give their verdict.

I take the verdict,,,, But Wait.... The judge asks the attorneys if they would like the jury polled.........................OUCH.... that means that I have to pronounse every jurors name correctly and ,,,,one by one ,,,,,,ask them if they believe their verdict is the one they want.... Geeze,, I am now uncomfortable. Never done this before... Way to make a couple bucks on overtime..

I stand,,, I call out each Juror's name and ask them if their verdict is the one they want and damn,,, I am glad to be done. This was not what I expected. But,,, I am the Clerk and this is my duty and I should be glad to perform it. I truly am privileged to be performing the duty I have. My job has a meaning and it is important to the justice system as we know it. I have respect for the justice system our country has in place and know that however menial I may feel my job might require of me,,, it is truly on the books as justice served.

The Judge thanks the Jury and the Attorneys and we all go home.

I love my job.

Saturday, March 8, 2008


"We got tickets weeks ago and you said it was "Ok""

I did...... I said it was ok to go to a concert downtown in a neighborhood I don't know.... ......All of this while I was worried about my daughter being in Cabrini Green??? I don't remember. I said Ok. Maybe I did. Well, then.................Who are you going to see??

"The Sick Puppies".... Ha ha ha,, cool.,, the sick puppies

Sunday, February 24, 2008


It started with "I want to join a Mission Trip to Africa over Easter Break!!"

Of Course my reply was "NO WAY"....

There has to be something else you can do besides go to Africa??? There are so many other places right here in the United States that could use your help, your love and your compassion for spreading the word of our God.

"I am going to participate in a Local Mission project over Spring Break"

Thank goodness..........Wonderful,,, where?


Swimming in Turmoil

Why am I creating a Blog?? Because I want to be like the rest of you? Because I want to have a place to vent? Because I want all to read the frustration and decision making that I live with on a daily basis? Or, just maybe I want to have FUN!!! Ok, I will go with that one.

So, I am swimming in turmoil. Have you ever done that? What is turmoil, anyway? I looked it up on and it is a state of extreme confusion, agitation, disorder or uproar. Well, there you have it. MY LIFE.

But, not to leave you with thinking sadly about it. As the name of my blog goes on.